Pleasure craft insurance quote

Our survey is comprehensive but it seems to be the only way to understand your choices, your desires and your program. Know that we are one of the few brokers to consider your sailing experience and your background in our quotations.

Your request is immediately analyzed. If it enters certain criteria that we set with the companies, you will be able to download one or more offers immediately after completing the form.

If not, or if the detailed analysis of your survey opens the door to other possibilities, we ask our partners to find the most appropriate solutions to your program and back to you as soon as possible.

Please detail as possible your request.

Your boat

Main information

Favor auto-completed values, please only use a custom one if you can't find the manufacturer in the list.

Favor auto-completed values, please only use a custom one if you can't find the model in the list.






Specify the total horsepower of the boat, i.e. the sum of its motors powers.



Its use


Your insurance file


You can chose to declare the boat value including taxes or not. According to your choice, you will be compensated on the same basis, taxes included or excluded.

Your sailing experience

Administrative history
Detailed information

Specify your nautical C.V. If you have a deep-sea schedule, specify your history of navigations above 300 n.m.

Specify if you hold foreign licenses or other qualifications

Your personal information

Entity type
Contact information

Additional details


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